Pecu Novus and why it matters

What is Pecu Novus?

Cryptocurrency. You hear the word everywhere. Depending on the source, cryptocurrency is either the worst investment ever or the second coming of technology and money. If you throw out the hype from both extreme sides and take a little time to DYOR (do your own research), you’ll find that cryptocurrency is an encapsulating term that doesn’t fairly represent the whole of the technology. For this article, we will focus more on the technology side – the blockchain and how Pecu Novus works.

 From the Pecu Novus site:

The Pecu Novus Digital Asset Network is a blockchain technology powered network incorporating a digital asset that enables businesses and individuals on the network to conduct zero cost coin based transactions globally. The Pecu Novus Escrow System is a proprietary escrow systems that allows users to escrow Pecu Coins for transactions of any size from a complex import/export or real estate transaction to a small individual purchase online.

There are three important takeaways from this description. One, unlike the majority of blockchain projects in the open market, Pecu Novus has a working product that is currently being used in existing vertical markets. Two, the Pecu system improves upon an existing financial transaction – the need to safely and securely escrow significant amounts of funds in a paperless medium. Third, the Pecu network is scalable and transparent. All transactions are easily viewed on the Pecu public blockchain ledger. On a typical transaction, the parties will agree to terms and use the Pecu Network for the financial escrow transaction. This video explains some case uses:

In the next post in this series, I will explain how the wallet system works. I’ve used it and. believe me when I say, it is one of the easiest and intuitive wallets out there. 

To learn more about Pecu Novus, vistit them at They are currently running a promotion to receive an extra 10% work of Pecu Novus when you purchase coins. Simply use code RSD10 when you purchase at

Disclaimer:This is the first in a series of unpaid reviews of the Pecu Novus coin and network. As always, you are encourage to perform your own due diligence and makes no claims in regards to financial performance. Like any investment or financial transaction, proceed at your own risk.