Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! In the interest of fun, I decided to do a little blog post tying together two highly addictive things: candy and crypto. Also, both can be traded. Some of my favorite memories of Halloween include sitting in a circle with my crew and trading candies at the end of the night. This brings out the obvious question. Which projects are best represented by which Halloween candies? Here we go.


Bitcoin: Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

The old dependable. Easy to trade at the end of the night. Not a bad thing to say about it.

Ethereum: Reese’s Cup

Loved by almost all. Maybe a little bit of lost luster as newer candies have been introduced to the market but overall fond memories. Usually a hold when trading at the end of the night.

Litecoin: Starburst

Not as enjoyable as you remember it. Gets a little tiresome about halfway through but you’ve already committed yourself. Solid hold during the trading process.

Ripple: Popcorn Ball

Does this even belong in my bag? I’m confused. Technically it is a treat but I’m still not sold. I won’t hold it because it won’t be nearly as valuable in a few days and seems like it’s heyday was long ago.

Monero: Nerds

Not for everyone but coveted. A little more pricey, so be prepared to sweeten the trade but it is worth it.

Bitcoin Cash: Nestle Crunch

It looks like a Hershey Bar but different. Is this rice? I think I like it but I’m not sure. Seems solid if a little over-hyped.Good trade value.

Tether: A toothbrush

That damn dentitst in the neighborhood! Sure, I’ll use it but it isn’t sexy. Can’t wait to trade it away to get something else.

Tron: Candy Corn

Either you like it or not. There is no middle ground. Candy corn is the asparagus of the candy world. First to be traded and usually, one or two traders wind up with the majority with everyone else having a little corn at the bottom of their bags.


Honorable mention:

Cardano: Snicker’s

EOS: Milky Way

Stellar: Twix


There are plenty more but I’ll save them for next year. Cheers everyone and please take this blog in the good spirit that it was meant. See what I did there? -Rob