The future of marketing

#Sidehustle. #Sidegig. #Momboss.

You see these hashtags across social media but maybe you aren’t quite sure what they mean. This is reflective of an economy shift in how people are choosing to earn money. From renting out your home on a daily basis to creating multiple streams of income from your car, there are more ways than ever for a person to supplement their income. A new platform,, aims to leverage the social media power of this new generation of Earners.

The proposition is fairly simple – a company that wants to broadcast their marketing campaign will post it on the (GYB) platform. The GYB members or Earners then complete tasks (sharing, liking, viewing, etc.) that have been assigned to that particular marketing campaign. The innovative twist is that the Earners are awarded AC3 tokens for completing these tasks. Yes, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology drive the GYB platform.

The exciting part is that Earners can quickly accumulate a significant amount of AC3 tokens they can redeem for unique offers from participating companies. Earners are uniquely compensated for helping companies share their customized marketing messages. It is a win -win. Companies have access to a robust platform that broadcasts their campaigns to a motivated social media base of influencers that are, in return, compensated for their efforts.

Earners are given the opportunity to engage when they want and how they want. Between ride-sharing fares and need to kill a few minutes? Jump on and earn. Babysitting and the kids are asleep? Why not earn some AC3? Just found a new product on the GYB platform and want to share it with your social network? Absolutely and earn some crypto in the process.

Next time we will look at the process of how the platform works and achieves their incredible results via “viral loops”.

To learn more about the platform, please email HERE for more information.

About the author: Rob Davis is a lifelong entrepreneur. His is passionate about bourbon, movies, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. He has worked with several blockchain ventures, including AC3, and loves spreading his enthusiasm of how blockchain will redefine the manner in which business is conducted.