Claymore Token

If you pay close to attention to the world of cryptocurrency, you may have taken notice of a group of new projects that bill themselves as “deflationary tokens”. Unfortunately, not all of these projects have been equal. Several have had toxic online communities and questionable business practices. It is a bad reflection on the blockchain community and needs to stop.

Thankfully, Claymore Token came to our attention and it checks all of the boxes that we look for when we evaluate a project. It is bringing an innovative spin on the blockchain while addressing pressing needs.

Whitepaper? Yes and you can read it HERE.

Clearly defined roadmap? Yes. View it at

Verifiable contract? Yes.

Plans for technology that meets a demand in the marketplace? Yes. The team is working on a peer-to-peer wallet and apps for both iOS and Android. This will make Claymore Token accessible to untold millions across the globe that don’t have access to tradition fiat banking solutions.

Exchange listings? Yes, here are just a few with major announcements coming soon. The team is aiming to be listed on a top 5 exchange by volume very soon.

Unique product? Absolutely and this is where Claymore Token separates itself from the competition.

Their website states it best:


Claymore Token will burn 2% of the transfer value for every transaction you create. Deflating the total supply and increasing the value of tokens still in circulating supply!”

These transactions can easily be monitored on Etherscan. You can view their page HERE.

This is a bold project on many levels. The peer-to-peer component aims to address social and political issues that are plaguing countries right now. Oppressive regimes rule many countries where a viable banking solution does not exist. The Claymore Token will allow the transfer of value in a transparent and verifiable manner. The team anticipates that the token value will rise as adoption increases and the 2% burn rate lowers the overall supply.

This is not a rich person’s money grab. The Claymore team of professionals anticipated an everyday use case scenario and added 18 decimal places to ensure that micro-transactions will be affordable and fast.

Innovation is one of the key draws of the blockchain sector to many. The Claymore team has a clear plan of how to bring their unique token to the unbanked and previously unbankable to meet a market need that is in dire need of a safe and secure option.

We look forward to watching how the Claymore Token will evolve and will keep you updated.

You can follow their progress through the following social media channels: